A small tribute. Today was the last time Grange Hill flashed its grimy bum at the British after-school TV audience. Ta ta, Trisha Yates, Tucker, Zammo, shiny Claire and Ro-land.  But why was it just Grange Hill that had such longevity?

What I wouldn’t do these days for a little Willo the Wisp, Ivor the Engine, Ludwig, Magic Roundabout and other 5:30 favourites from time to time. Or lunchtime legends such as Barbapapa, Bod (“any particular flavour?” asked the conducting frog. It was always “Stwawwwbewwy”), Mr Benn, Fingerbobs, the wonderful Paperplay with spider finger puppets that have the most amazing voices I had forgotten, or Hartley Hare vehicle Pipkins. (The links are to some diversionary youtubage; you do the readin’, I’ll do the findin’. It’s just give, give, give….) Oh, and here’s some Banana Splits for all you fans out there…