Eostre time again. To celebrate new beginnings. Why we have “new year” in the depths of winter is a’body’s guess …..[cue the Roman equivalent of the anal civil servant type:

“Januarius must be the first month. We couldn’t possibly have a moveable feast marking the start of the year! No; it must be thus. A piffle-paffle to nature – our calendar is what we must follow now. These are modern times!”]

So, are you feeling the strength of March 20th’s equinox? (The equinox is the time, twice a year when the length of the day and night are almost the same, no matter what your latitude). The longer days, the flirting beasties? The flooding push towards the longest day (or the shorter days & shortest if you’re in the southern hemisphere, of course!)?

Well, if you’re not, stop, sniff and look around. The air surely has a different quality? Get out, go walk, smile at the sky and have a lovely rest before the sunny and hard work of the summer begins (this is why all our bank holidays are during the summer months – we would have worked the fields all the hours of sunlight and holidays were much deserved!).