For he who has no tranquillity, there is no concentration.”- Bhagavad-Gita

“The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil.– Cicero

Time for some reflection from you chaps. By you, on you and on those you know. Not on me, thanks! ….Ever have times when your own activities surprise you? A moment or seven off, “What on earth am I doing?”, or even, “Now this is strange!”?

It won’t knock you over to read that such a condition is where I’ve found my impish self.

I’m surrounded by tubes of paint, sketches, computer sketches and maps. Obviously, ‘cos I’m Painting A Thing and that’s (clearly) the way to do it.  I’m also doing this tippity-tap and draping myself under the dripping mellifluidities of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, in prep for a singing rehearsal….Having edited photos, chatted with snowed-in chums and made a rather nice squid-ink seafood risotto (yeah, that’s the bit I’m most impressed with, too).

But here’s the rub: can any of it be any good, being so juggled? Can they possibly cross-fertilise? The thrill of the squid ink (try it) does go very well with Ella’s Misty (nip to itunes – the youtube version’s nowhere near as good and it’s 79p very well spent), to be fair.

Pish pash posh:  these good things are mere externalities. The output is how the effect should be judged, surely? Well, maybe not. After all, surely all I ought to be concerned about is the quality of my own experience? Not in a selfish way (moderation, etc etc), but in a recent post, I jotted that in some brain disease/injury cases, patients lose their sense of time, and with that loss, they also lose anxieties and – more importantly – increase their sense of well-being. That’s the condition to seek, surely? Peacefulness. We all achieve it differently, of course. I couldn’t sit on my bum all day (which reminds me; must set the video recorder); I’d be very unpeaceful. For me, the peace (and it has to be temporary to have value; time-limited, ironically) comes from pleasing, productive pottering. Like this.

Now, go on and play Misty for me…..