I can’t expose a human weakness on the stage unless I know it through having it myself.


Here’s a bastard thing about script-writing. You can have lots of pages, and only a meagre few thousand words. The goody is that you can write silence. The baddy is that a misjudged word put in a character’s mouth is so dissonant, the whole thing can fall apart and the world you have created becomes suddenly so weak.

Just done a 4.5 hour stint on the new play and the energy levels are plumetting. Have tried a read-through, out loud, to bring the whole thing together, get a sense of pace and timings. We now have a full-length play’s first half (ie 45 minutes), or two-thirds of something shorter. Doing that  helped, greatly – it reminds me of the whole. But I’m still shattered. Time for some air…