So, how was it for you?

Apologies for the long, influenza-inspired absence. It was certainly interesting to be flung into the pathetic arms of mewling ague and muscleless ineptitude at a time of mass and obligatory joviality (a lovely pagan adjective: how apt).

But ’twas good; the Imp was indulged and given great succour (see me gratefully doff my wing tips) and now –  and I know it to be true – the supermarkets are full of mad, frantic, strangely angry  and sad people. Yes, it’s life as normal. Ish.

I say ‘ish’, because, actually, it isn’t ‘normal’. As I type, I realise I like The Ting Tings (thanks, Santa), and that’s not normal. What else isn’t normal? I’ve gone all delightedly anal-tidy, having been away from home more or less continually since 24 Dec, and now feel all snowdrop-freshly Januarial. Scary. Mind you, perhaps that’s just my soul reclaiming itself from the Devil ‘Flu.

Anyway, I hope you all had fine holidays, that you’re wrapped up warm,  have loved the people you’re supposed to (and got some back) and don’t succumb to the hype-inspired grumps. It’s not very imaginative, after all, so  fingers up to the boring moans, break some moulds and have a happy January!