It’s a funny old world. Or perhaps it’s just been a funny ole summer and now that routine is back, the relief (as in contrast, rather than sense of escape) is tangible. Ne’ertheless, it’s prompted some reflection, wondering and blessing-counting.

At the weekend, (after watching an excellent kids’ version of The Lion, The Witch…) I went to Sussex to see a friend’s directorial debut, a production of Dream, which was truly superb, met an interesting actress and shared some ideas. Yesterday, after a year (with some hefty gaps), I finally completed the (I hope) penultimate version of my 90-minute stage play [workshops are the last stage, I hope]. At lunch, I bumped into an acquaintance whose flatmate turns out also to be a playwright who’s about to have her first play performed: drinks were inevitably planned. A cast member from a play I was in a couple of months ago called to discuss Ideas, as did the Dream director. And in the evening, I went to my script writing group and heard a dark, excellent comedy film’s first draft (I would love to tell you about it, but had better not). Have to say, I slept like a professional, gold medal-winning sleeping thing. Tonight and tomorrow, I’m volunteering at a local theatre.

Blah blah shopping-list-of-life blah some more. Yeah, I know – but to me, you see it’s sex on a stick. To see that all come together and not to be pie in the sky. It’s a deliberate attempt to change my life, to become a writer (most probably dramatic). But changing your life can be likeĀ  – ooo, like getting minute particles to collide at speed without creating a black hole, to use a topical analogy. The Imp life used to be about Meetings, Travelling to Meetings, Writing Strategies, Batting back Emails, Making Dull Calls and More Meetings. And now it’s not! Huzzah!

And to top it all, the sun is out and the gods of the ipod shuffle function are being good to me. See if you fancy listening to any of these (Last FM always recommended), my morning’s random playlist….:And for me, it’s off to finish some other well-overdue works of pen & paper….