It is. So very, very wrong. I just know it. There’s a sense of shame, of chagrin, even. Hence this confessional. After all, it’s what blogs are for, isn’t it? Yes, I – you will come back, won’t you? I mean, you won’t look at me too differently after this? I can trust you…?

I want to lick my own vinaigrette.

It started last night – innocently whipped a little something up, very hungry, didn’t have any bread to hand. I was very hungry, please understand. Well, before I knew it, my fingers were all over the plate. Thankfully, I stopped myself in time.

But today – well, the innocence is no longer there, is it? I know what I’m doing. I made that vinaigrette; with oil, mustard and knowledge. I won’t lie: I loved it. There. Judge me as you see fit. Food porn, here comes the imp….