We come and we go, and we leave a little bit of us behind with other people.

It might be genetic, and it might be something else, like an idea, a habit, an attitude, smiles or reflections.

If people are “for” anything, if we have a purpose that is more than just a replicating life-force, then it is for those ripples that we, ourselves, can make on the surface. We don’t have to be here to do that.

In every moment of our lives, we experience people who are long off the stage: our cultures are the ripples we’re riding – ripples of past and present, the cumulative consequence of effort, of action, of observation, of struggle (think Pankhurst, Ghandi, Shakespeare and Mandela respectively).

I’m off to say my thanks for a friend and mentor who died last week. Her husband and family have very generously shared today with the hundreds of people that she helped. Her work – all voluntary and very quiet – has completely reshaped the face of British democracy, and in so doing, left a massive ripple which will continue to impact on all our lives for years to come. No great fame, no rousing songs of glory, but a quiet, unassuming leverage as powerful as Hercules.