how do you make god laugh?

tell her your plans…

There was a strange moment of serendipity last week; I was sharing an idea – a theory – read in Eric Berne’s The Games People Play, a behavioural psychology (transactional analysis) book, which states at the outset that life is all just about filling in time.

Quite a bald, solipsistic statement. It depressed me at the time I read it, but it cheers me now, because I think it is so true that it’s liberating. The chap I was talking to said he’d read that book just the day before; how strange. That’s by-the-by; the truth I’ll take here is that all time is ours. Only I perceive my time; only you, yours. And that, I think, gives me every right (a selfish duty, even?) to reclaim my time wherever I see it being wasted.

Down on earth, the Imp’s been doing quite a bit of that: coming off committees, leaving membership groups, reviewing future commitments with a cynical eye, and leaving all else to the last minute. Ah, gotcha: there’s the rub (there had to be one): the Last Minute. Think about when you hear people talk about someone who leaves thing “‘Til The Last Minute”. It’s very censorial, isn’t it? Laden, judgmental, disapproving of some implicit dereliction of social duty. But every minute is last minute for something – just depends how you perceive it.

Peer to the edge, where you can see it, the last minute. It’s a gap in which Fear tickles us – Look! There’s The Bog of What-Ifs. The Bog of What-Ifs is full of stepping stones to ensure a safe passage, however. There’s one – Cleaning Your Shoes The Night Before Stone. And here, here is Ironing Three Weeks’ Worth of Shirts Stone. Over there is Booking My Holiday 11 Months Ahead Stone. You see, you can easily avoid the Bog of What Ifs. If you want.

Planning, say so many, is all about safety, knowing what’s next, being reliable. If you leave things ’til TLM, well, you can’t possibly also hold those values…Rubbish, surely! Remember, your time is yours – as long as you’re not taking away someone else’s (eg by making and breaking promises to others), then where is the problem? Why fill your time jumping across pointless time-filling inanities when you could be doing something far more fun…like wading in the bog, for example?

I’m off to make fondle my fishy dinner and practice some lines, shout at the radio and not worry about Friday’s deadline – it’s only Monday, after all….