One potato, two potato, three potato, four….

A fine, entertaining and mind-expanding divertisement from Lisa at Damian Daily. I’m ‘it’ and about to infect (yes, yes, I have a Zombie Simpsons episode running round my mind) some unwitting innocents. These are the rules:

If you’re ‘it’, you have to [oh yes, it’s the law] post links to your fave five blog posts – and….one of each must be about…

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Yourself
  • Something you love
  • Anything you choose

At least two of the above have to be newer blogging acquaintances. Aha, now who and why…? And will my descriptions tempt Imp readers to visit? Or fellow ‘infected’ ones to read one another? Look below, and leave a comment if you do….

drunk-mummy.jpgA) Family…..well, what tales may lie therein. Drunk Mummy blogs no longer, but for her name alone, worth a look. However, it’s unfair to tag an absentee, so I thoroughly recommend spending some play time with the pink sheep of the family – a shameless gossip blog which lets me get away with the family thing while advertising the fact (see the site) that my close friend, mentee, and in fact constant shadow, Brad Pitt is “single”. (Brad, hon, if you’re reading, it’s not you, it’s me; just put the lock back on the bathroom door and can you put my toenail cuttings back in the bin where you found them, please?)


B) FRIENDS You know what? I can’t find anything that tickles my fancy about friendship. Not in the mood. I transgress.

evil-imp.jpgC) YOURSELF. Well, evil imp, my twisted sibling, I name you….culture vultures, come see…

D) Something I love – God, this is a hard one. Water or brains, music or films, stories…? Let’s pick the last, and a posting from The Positivity Blog, about how storytelling is important and useful in a whole range of situations. Taking the idea wider, or back in time, perhaps, fairy tales were always meant as warnings…Oooo, we might play with that idea soon.

E) Anything I choose: the blogger who put me here in the first place, Ms Lisa Damien of Damien Daily, scribe of general tales of creativity, mummingness (new words are goooood), art and all kinds of thoughtful stuff; short, pithy – just what a good blog should be. I know, I know….I’ll learn. One day…