chickenfear12.jpgSo: global financial meltdown. Planet going tits up. Everyone is fat and depressed. Or starving and depressed. The only happy people are insane and the rich know that money don’t make you happy, but it’s the only things they’ve got that you haven’t, so they ain’t gonna tell you that, now, are they?

Here’s what I like: ‘authors’ writing about the forthcoming recession in “must-have” books that we should buy (on the Borders store card? Visa?), the smeggy profits from which will (they hope, along with the “topical subject expert on the couch” fees) insulate them against being pulled down with the rest of us when the financial shit hits the not-so-proverbial face of Good Ole Ordinary Jo(e).

So, fat (or with an unhealthy web of once muscular tissue), depressed and SCARED. Feel like you’re towing the line? Uncomfortable, a bit edgy, but reassured that you’re in the same boat with everyone else? Yes, that canoe that’s looking like it might be heading for that great big waterfall….? I hope you’re not, you know: this is a readership of sorted people!

Look, sod it. Ignore the pundits and take action for you. Do what makes you feel right, y’know, the common sense stuff. Any interest rate on money you owe, get rid of it or beat the banks to find the lowest rates! Put your savings in the heftiest (but easy-access) interest-paying account you can (but remember Northern Rock: no more than £30k – hahahahaha – in any one bank). Tell the brats that they will love Dorset and camping; the Significant Other that unless they’re going to spend the equivalent on you that they shouldn’t spend it on themselves (teamwork! urgh), make packed lunches, stop giving ptp_fun1_506.jpgJonnie Marlboro all your money…rant, rabbit, rant….Enough. You’re all adults.

There’s a time to take stock (no pun intended) and control of your life. But if you let the ambient feary-noises whisper at you and do nothing, you’re handing over control of your own state of well-being. Fun is free, like leaving funny comments on this posting (hint), for one…