7a.jpgOnce upon a time, a youthful 35-year old Tricky and quite Little Imp met a 7-year old Impling. The Impling was full of fun and life and they had a lot of fun together. “Hmm,” thought the Imp. “I am five times this Impling’s age. I have lived that seven years five times over!” The Imp remembered all the way back to when it was seven years old, thought that it didn’t seem all that long ago, and wondered at how Time had packed so many seven-year bundles into the Imp’s life without her really noticing.

Then, without The Imp realising what they were up to, the numbers Seven and Five danced a little dance around The Imp’s head. “Hmm, seven years, seven years…why does that sound so familiar?” thought the Imp. And then she remembered!

A long, long time ago, a wise old doctory person had told the Imp that the body heals itself in seven-year cycles. Now, this is an an idea that’s been around about 90 years. (Actually, cell life appears to vary. Spalding et al in 2005 found that intestinal tissue lives for 11 years, skeletal tissue for 15, and brain tissue is much longer-living – sometimes almost as old as the body carrying it.)

“Hmm,” thought The Imp again. “That’s all very well, but what does that mean for me? When I was seven, I had to move hundreds of miles from my family and my home. I was very unhappy for a long time…Until – ” and she stopped, smiling. “Until I was 14!”wheel-of-sevens.jpg

The Imp was running by the riverside at this point and laughed. From the age of 14 to 21, The Imp remembered it had worked very hard on all things academic, until it left college. Then 21 to 28 was all about marriage, until The Imp ran away to join the circus when it was 28. And so again, and very unimaginatively, The Imp thought, “Hmmm.” And then said, “It ain’t physical, but this sure as hell is a seven-year cycle in my life. What a funny set of coincidences!”

So, what was left? The last seven years, of course. Did they also fit a pattern, the years between 28-34? And you know what? They did indeed. They were about The Imp becoming itself. What? Oh, you want to know what that means? Well, there were Impish lovers and lovlings that had to happen but would never work, Living Alone, A Terribly Important Job and the Leaving of it, creating a company, leaving London and trying to become a freelance imp. Being Free. “Yes, thought Tricky Little Imp, that seven years also very definitely had a theme, with a beginning, a middle and an end. …But what’s next?”

But that, dear reader, is another story…. dancing-elf_edited.jpg