“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” – Anon

peasap, FlickrWhen I need to work something out, when I’m torn, the Imp puts her 17-year-old self on one shoulder and her 70-year-old self on the other. And she listens to what they have to tell her. This next pondering sounds like one of those moments when the 17-year-old put the 35-year-old on her shoulder. This is what I would tell her. I wish I’d been quite so conscious of it sooner.

How do you know if you’re being taken seriously or not by the people around you? Well, ask yourself this first: are you treating yourself with respect? Can people see that you respect yourself?

I know it sometimes feels as though you need to be a grumpy old misery to be taken seriously, that you need to be rude and selfish before people seem to think you have any depth. That being cheery or nice makes you weak in their eyes. But don’t even go there. Hell, get some new friends or colleagues: that’s appalling. Never feel less than worthy for being a genuinely good person. It’s their loss. Given them every chance and move on if you need to: whatever you do, be true to your own values. They will either wake up or hang round horrible people that will eventually make them miserable.

You’re better than that. Be yourself and go where you’re valued. You deserve it and so does the world you’ve not met yet.