Here are some bad things I want to do:

1) Make up some black t-shirts with white lettering that say on the front, STAFF, and on the back, HAPPY TO HELP. Wear them while shopping in a bad mood.

Rackham's Mischief2) With the next sleaze ball who tries to undress me with his eye-balls, flirt as only a mad lady who has escaped a high-level security facility could. Do not let him go, walk away, or be rude. Flinch with a protective arm to my face, whimpering loudly, “please don’t hit me, not here” when he backs off.

3) Bring a homeless person to my friend M’s for dinner. Perhaps, if they wanted to, disguise that they have no home. Let M discover this through polite dinner party conversation.

That nice Mr Rackham’s done a picture of imps heading mischief-wards…