“Multi-tasking: screwing up everything simultaneously” – anon

Now you can’t do everything at once, can you? Is the Imp the only one who beats up on themselves for not being a super sprite?

Here I am, analysing research for a client, ploughing valiantly (and interestedly) through the reams of stats and claims, while wanting to get some thoughts down here, while worrying about tonight’s script-reading (after a six-month gestation, the baby’s been born: it’s just waiting for that SLAP before it gets its first lung-full of oxygen tonight), while ruing the mess of the flat (quickly overcome) which is all interwoven with the occasional needling thought on the politics of the forthcoming, dreaded Valentine’s Day. At this freeze-frame moment in time, you can see which has won through…

From The Cartoon Blog with thanksI had Grand Plans for today’s bloggery. But The Irrational Fear (“argh, argh! So much, so little time! The sun has moved!”) governs for the next few days, until the much-curtailed deadline looks achievable (“Managing Clients’ Expectations Lesson 1: Say it’s not possible.”) However, let me sketch out some of them – tell me what you like the sound of and we can play it again, the next time you end up in this gin joint. In no particular order they were:

1. Leaving the Labour Party: why belong, what good it can do, will the Imp be cast far beyond the rainbow if she cancels that direct debit?
2. Defining ourselves by how much caffeine / nicotine / compulsive sex / work hours we consume, in that “Oh, I’m such an addict” smug kind of way: what’s all that about? I do it…

3. Great art: who says so? Is it about being skinny with NHS specs and enough chutzpah to build on the insecurities of the reviewer/critic/collector, so they feel you ARE the zeitgeist? Done to death, but never resolved, this one…

Ah, I feel better now….however, I just found this. It took whole minutes..:

“Procrastination is like Masturbation; In the end you’re just screwing yourself.” – anon [should that be Onan?]
OK, Ok…Get back to work!